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It seems to me, that like dog years, social media ages with a disregard for the regular passage of time.

One year in social media time is more like seven. Tweets disappear just hours after they’re published and just about any social platform is bound to look drastically different in December than it did in January, that is if it even survives to see the end of the year.

That’s both the blessing and the curse of this job. What may have been true yesterday might not be tomorrow. Industry articles with a time stamp more than six months old – well, that’s like a car manufacturer researching the horse and buggy for tomorrow’s model.

While keeping up-to-date is a constant struggle, there’s never a dull moment. This is especially convenient for someone like me, who can’t ever sit still for more than five minutes.

Social media, at its core, is a constant stream of data. This high-energy, fast paced environment provides new learnings every single day.

That’s essentially why I decided to start this blog. I come across so many insights every day from reading, posting and engaging with my personal audience and those of my clients, that I wanted to start a forum to share my experience with peers in my industry as well as learn from them.

I named the blog “Dog-Eared Social” not only as an homage to my dog (pictured above), but also because my goal is this space will serve as a well-loved book, where the pages are so rich with information and ideas that they’re folded over at the corners as personal reminders to remember this, do that, come back to this part on a slow day.

But unlike a book, I want this space to be interactive. I encourage you to comment on my posts or send me a tweet. Tell me if you’ve experienced what I have – or the exact opposite. I want the opportunity to learn from you and to know what you want to learn from me.

My intention is that you’ll find my experiences useful, and they will inspire you to find new and exciting ways to engage your own audiences. As not everything is applicable to everyone, I hope you’ll at least find it interesting. I hope it challenges you to think about content and communications in new ways, as my peers, colleagues, industry mentors and social media friends and followers do for me every day.

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