Free Resource: Audience Engagement Social Media Guide

In March, my associate, Sabrina Harvey, and I created this social media guide for constituents attending CARE’s national advocacy conference. While this was my fifth year covering social media at the conference, this was the first time we created a comprehensive guide for constituents.

The results were astounding – among the 239 attendees, the #CARENCC hashtag was used nearly 1,200 times compared to just a little over 800 uses in 2013.

I’ve adapted the guide into a template that any brand can use for their conference, event or campaign to encourage their audience to engage on social media. The Audience Engagement Social Media Guide includes spaces for all your essentials – short URLs, hashtags, Twitter handle etc. – as well as placeholders for sample tweets for your audience to copy and paste and thought-provoking questions to help them formulate their own.

Click here or on the image below to download your Audience Engagement Social Media Guide.

Audience Social Media Engagement Guide


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