Free Google Analytics Calculator to measure your creative test

Last week I wrote this post on Social Media Examiner on using Google Analytics to run a social media split test. Here are the highlights:

  • The split test will show you how much traffic two variables or creative versions are sending to your website, and what they’re doing comparatively once on your website.
  • Choose two variables to test. For example, time of day. Do posts in the morning result in more traffic than afternoon posts? Or, messaging. Do posts with a question send more traffic than posts without?
  • Designate a time frame and the social channels where you’ll be running this test. Then, write 10-20 posts for each variable, making sure every post links to a page on your website.
  • Code your links in Google Analytics. The article explains how to use Google’s URL Builder to do this, but I’ve created a Google Analytics calculator to simplify the process which you can download here.
  • Run the test and analyze your results. The article explains how to create a dashboard for your results on Google Analytics.

Coding all of your links using Google’s URL Builder can be quite time consuming. The calculator below simplifies the process by providing fields that you only have to fill out once to get Google Analytics coded URL’s for each creative variable. Just make sure not to use any spaces or special characters. You can use the underscore to separate words and number if you so choose.

You can either create a single link for each variable to use on all of your posts, or you can create a unique link for each post. As long as the “Variable A” and “Variable B” fields stay the same, it won’t change your results.

Download the Google Analytics Calculator here.

Google Analytics CalculatorAs you’ll notice, I changed the names of the fields. Here’s how to find them in Google Analytics:

Google Analytics CalculatorGoogle Analytics Calculator


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