Dog-Eared Social’s Official Holiday Gift Guide

Dog-Eared Social's Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the time of year to give and receive. Whether you’re a bigger giver or receiver, we’ve curated a list of 9 of the best gifts for the digitally connected this season. Make a purchase for your loved ones today, or add to your holiday wish list using Dog-Eared Social’s first-ever Holiday Gift Guide.

1. Personalized Social Media Pillows – $49 each

holiday gift guide social media pillows

You know that friend who tweets or Instagrams every minute of their day? These trendy, embroidered pillows from Sew Personal are the perfect gift for that social media aficionado who probably doesn’t remember that their legal name doesn’t contain an @ symbol. Plus, they’re made by my mom! Order them here, and your friend will soon be thanking you in 140 characters.

2. USB Cup Warmer – $7.99

holiday gift guide usb cup warmer

If there’s one thing that most social media professionals have in common, it’s that we’re highly caffeinated. But, we often get caught up in our work and soon our mugs get cold. Avoid those trips to the microwave, or worse, dumping and refilling, with this USB Cup Warmer from Country Door. It plugs right into your computer so while you’re working, it’s working too.

3. Smart Bartender – $49.99

holiday gift guide bartender

Coffee’s great and all, but sometimes we need something a little stronger. Brookstone’s Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending connects with any iOS device and offers up hundreds of drink recipes (you can also create and save your own). While the app instructs you in real time as you mix your drink, it communicates with the scale for precise measurements. Watch on your screen as a virtual measuring cup fills while you pour.

Just in case cookies are more your speed than hard liquor, Brookstone also offers a baking version of the smart scale and app.

4. Blooky – $80

holiday gift guide blooky

Blooky is the solution to today’s “password problem” in a keychain. The dongle stores all of your usernames and passwords regardless of device or browser. Using Bluetooth technology, Blooky will log you into all of your networks once you pair it to any device. When you walk away, Blooky will automatically log you out.

The best news is – it’s completely safe. The encryption software is nearly impossible to hack, and you can deactivate Blooky at any time, which will immediately erase all of your data.

Blooky was developed by a couple of my close friends. You can submit your pledge on Kickstarter anywhere from $80-$5,000 to be among the first to get yours once the product goes into development next year. Pledge for yourself or on behalf of a tech savvy friend for the holidays!

5. Dog Monitor App – $3.99

You spend all day socially connected – shouldn’t you connect with Fido as well? Find out how your pup spends his day with the Dog Monitor App. All you need are two iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch will do the trick) – one to leave with the dog and one to take with you. In addition to spying, you can also talk to your dog at any time throughout the day, and both see and hear what he’s up to.

6. The Gift That Gives Back

Holiday Gift Guide Charity Gift Catalog

For the first time ever, my former employer CARE has released their e-catalogue filled with gifts of lasting change. Choose from life-changing gifts such as school supplies for a girl in a developing country or seeds for a 1/2 acre of farmland to fill your virtual CARE Package. Purchase your gift in honor of a friend or family member, and CARE will send them an e-card on your behalf to let them know, or purchase a gift certificate so they can fill their own CARE Package.

7. Facebook Memory Book

holiday gift guide facebook photo book

Blurb’s Facebook photo book makes a great gift for the Facebook aficionado – or if you’re just too lazy to make a photo book from scratch. Either hack into your friend or loved one’s Facebook account to populate the book, or login through your own and select photos chronicling your relationship. The book will even pull in comments and posts associated with your selected photos.

8. Spotify Premium Subscription – $.99 for 3 months, then $9.99 per month

holiday gift guide spotify premium

Spotify’s free, so why would you need a premium subscription? Let me tell you a story. I bought my dad a premium subscription as a gift. At the same time, Spotify was running a one-month free trial. I signed up intending to cancel at the end of the month. I never did. That was 3 years ago.

Spotify Premium allows you to sync your Spotify account with any device so you can listen on your mobile (great for exercising) and save songs and playlists to listen to while you’re offline, like on a flight or out of range. Five minutes of Spotify Premium and you’ll never be able to live without it.

9. Amazon Echo – $199, $99 for Prime members

This is Amazon’s version of Siri – on steroids. It’s like Siri for your house. Talk to Alexa from anywhere in the room, ask her questions, have her remember things for you, command her to give you news and weather briefs and tell her to play music. She connects to the cloud so she’ll learn your habits. Right now, Amazon Echo is invitation only. Request yours now for yourself or on behalf of a friend as a premature holiday gift.

What’s on your digital wish list this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. You can also create a Facebook photo book in 1 minute and give that to a friend or family member!

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