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My web marketing and social media consulting services specialize in goal-oriented marketing. When we get on the phone, the first thing I will ask you is what you want to accomplish for your brand. You might have one answer (attract more customers!) or many answers (increase brand awareness, build my email list, improve my brand image, etc).

Your goals will likely fit into one or more of three categories: awareness, engagement and action. Social media is key in all three categories, but they’re incremental. It’s very difficult to get people to take action if they’re not aware of who you are.

educate engage convert 1My first order of business (after you tell me about your brand’s goals, of course) will be to determine where your target audience is on the chart. Then, I will build a custom plan of action to ensure you get the conversions you need to meet your business goals.

I offer the following web marketing and social media consulting services. Feel free to contact me regarding one or more of these specific services, or if you just want to talk about your options. If it’s the latter, I will recommend one or a combination of services to meet your unique needs.

  • Social Media brand audit
  • Social Media strategy planning and consulting
  • Social Media content calendar and content development
  • Hands-on Social Media support (launching your social media accounts, writing and posting updates, etc.)
  • Social Media advertising campaigns on any budget (including testing, creative development, bid management and analytics)
  • Customized Social Media training
  • Assessment and suggestions of social media tools and SRMs
  • Email campaigns (copywriting, segmentation and implementation)
  • Copywriting and ghost blogging
  • Website optimization
  • Keyword research

Contact me to schedule a free consultation to talk about web marketing or social media consulting for your brand. And, be sure to visit this page to read more about how I think I can help you.

Or, email me at any time at

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  1. I have been working on this project since 2002
    It’s a Social media enterprising and business consulting servcesill
    Social media action and advertising
    A call center
    A business consulting service
    I will advise you work on my blog and website respectively
    My target group is online including. Top artists celebrities, sports fans
    The call center and consulting on business analysis and development. Targeting NGOs and commercial and private enterprises ,religious, education. Top contractong agencies
    More to come.

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