How Can I Help You?

The Myth

Social media is the answer to all your problems. Budget deficit? Simply ask the social sphere for the money. Negative brand image? Just send out a tweet and it’ll set the record straight! Need more customers? Put up a Facebook page and they’ll come-a-runnin’!

If I can just figure out this damn blue bird thing all the kids are talking about, it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.

The Truth

Let me be the first to debunk the myth. Social media is not your magic bullet. A Twitter account is not going to solve all of your problems. There is no business miracle drug. But you already knew that, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

But here’s the thing. Social media can help you meet your business goals. Not only that, in many cases, social media will be crucial to reaching those objectives. More than 25 percent of the world is on social media. And what do they do on social media? To put it simply – they talk about things that matter to them. They talk about values, opinions and experiences. They talk about things they like and things they don’t like. What they’ve done in their community and abroad, as well as what they want to do.

Let me ask you this – does your brand, or what you represent, fit into any of those categories? The answer, of course, is yes. Whether you’re a small business, a nonprofit, a personal brand or a corporation, you exist because you offer a product, service, lifestyle or a cause to a certain demographic of people. These people are already on social media talking about those same products, services, lifestyles and causes. I guarantee it. You can’t afford to not be a part of the conversation.

The good news? 25% of the world is on social media. The bad news? 25% of the world is on social media.

It’s a crowded space, and can be overwhelming to navigate. Especially if you’re busy with other things, like, say, running your business.

Here’s how I can help. I will analyze your brand, your goals and your target demographic. I will then help you identify which social networks your demographic is most active on, and how you can connect with them on these channels. With my social media consulting services, you will get in front of the people most likely to convert into customers and supporters. I will help you build a loyal following, establish your brand as an expert in your field, increase brand engagement and awareness, and build meaningful relationships that convert to customers, donors and supporters.

More details about my specific social media consulting services.

So, to recap:

My job:

  • Stay on top of important trends and changes in social media. The industry is evolving daily, so it’s important you have a consultant you can trust is up to date with industry best practices.
  • Learn your business inside out through both in depth conversations with you and outside research. This will ensure I give you the best possible guidance as you navigate through the very crowded world of social media.
  • Understand your unique and specific business goals. Everything I advise you to do on social media – from a single status update to the implementation of an overarching strategy – will work towards the fulfillment of these goals.

Your job:

  • Offer the highest quality services or products that you can. Social media is all about loyalty, transparency and relationships. Brands with sound business practices, that care about their products and their customers and supporters, will ultimately be rewarded.
  • Be true to your brand image both on and offline. Social media can do a lot of great things on its own – but it’s most effective as a player in an integrated, multi-channel brand strategy (we can talk more about how to do this during your consultation).

Read more about my approach and services, or contact me directly to schedule your free consultation.

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