How to get social media advocates to promote your campaign

Social Media Advocates

When you’re planning a new campaign on social media, you need that campaign to be social right from the get go. In other words, you need to not be the only one talking about it.

Guarantee the success of your campaign before it starts by reaching out to influencers, partners and social media advocates to give them a heads up and ask them for help promoting it. Fill out thisĀ Social Media Campaign Partners Guide template and send to your partners and advocates over email.

Please note it’s important to have a strong working relationship with anyone you send this to. They should already trust your brand and see a value in working together – and be confident that you will return the favor when they have a new initiative to push out.

If you’re considering sending this to a person or brand you met on social media, make sure to engage with them properly before moving the conversation off social onto email. This post explains how to build relationships based on trust through social media engagement.


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  1. Hello Kiera,
    Thank you for this great tips for social media campaign. Building Relationships is the best way to promote your brand. Great article!


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