5 creative ways to find social media jobs

Image courtesy of phasinphoto/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of phasinphoto/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

One of the biggest perks of being a social media professional is how in demand you are. New social media jobs appear on job boards across the country every single day. However, there are also a lot of you, and these jobs are very competitive. So, instead of perusing the same job boards and career newsletters as everyone else, you can use social media creatively to find social media jobs.

They key here is that there are a whole lot of agencies, organizations and companies looking for skilled social media professionals, and many of them don’t post on the traditional job boards you and your peers are browsing. What you need is a consistent stream feeding you names of new and exciting companies with a digital focus. Here are 5 ways social media can be that stream for you:

1. Follow agencies, organizations and companies (especially start-ups) you’d like to work for on Twitter – and not for the reason you think

Twitter Who To FollowWill following and engaging with a company or organization on Twitter prime you for a career there? Maybe. But that’s not what I’m getting at here. When the people you follow reflect the kind of place you’d like to work, so will Twitter’s suggestions of who else to follow. These suggestions will appear in a box on the left of your feed. When you see a name that your recognize, click through to their website and see if they’re hiring!

2. Do the same with Facebook Graph Search

Just key in “Pages liked by people who like [page of company representative of a place you’d like to work].” You can also try these iterations:

  • Pages liked by pages that are liked by  [company]
  • Pages liked by people that are liked by [company]
  • Pages liked by people that like [company] and live nearby
  • Pages liked by pages that are liked by me

3. Follow conference hashtags

Social media mavens love to live tweet social media conferences (duh). When these are going on you can expect a flurry of tweets under said conference hashtag. This is a great resource for job hunters as it will be populated with agencies, companies and organizations both attending and speaking who prioritize social media. You can also visit the conference website and check out the list of speakers and the companies they work for. Seeing what they’re speaking about and who they’re speaking with can give you some great insight as to the company culture and workflow.

4. Consult the experts’ Twitter lists

Where do you turn to keep up to date on social media news? Whoever your sources may be, they have sources too, and chances are they have aggregated them into Twitter lists. Check out what kinds of lists your resources are keeping on Twitter. Also create your own lists of social media experts and watch who they’re retweeting and engaging with.

5. Use third party tools to search topically

Input any topic, hashtag or Twitter handle into a tool like SocialMention or Tweetcharts, and it will  spit out accounts, hashtags, topics, keywords and users associated with or similar to your search term. You can get really creative here. Start with something basic like the Twitter handle of a company you’d like to work for, and expand into prominent industry hashtags and skill sets you possess, like “social media analytics” or “social media advertising.” These powerful search engines won’t just help you find places that might be hiring, but will let you take the pulse of the industry as a whole.


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