Top 5 social media myths it’s time to stop believing in 2015

social media myths

Social media seems to be everywhere you look, but it’s still a relatively new phenomenon. That means there are plenty of antiquated and flat-out wrong perceptions of how, why and the best ways to use these channels for business.

Below we take a look at the top 5 social media myths that you must stop believing in 2015. When you’re free from these misconceptions, your social media will be free to thrive!

1. Content is king, and he has no court

We’ve all heard it – content is king. And that will always be true. But the king doesn’t, and can’t, work alone.

Let me put it this way. You remember the tree falling analogy, right? If you publish great content, but no one reads it, is it still great content? Yes, but who cares? No one’s reading it, so it will not help you. That makes it irrelevant (sorry).

Great content is the backbone of any solid social media and digital marketing strategy. But it needs a distribution strategy to get the exposure your content – and your business – deserves. That means an active social media network, outreach, advertising, SEO, etc.

2. Social media is just about branding

Brand recognition and exposure is an important component of social media, but the networks offer more opportunity than just flashing your logo. Each network provides a unique set of tools to drill down into relevant conversations about your industry, product and even your brand.

Yes, you can get in front of these people, but you an also interact with them, build relationships and find new customers, clients and brand ambassadors. There are also plenty of free and low-cost social media tools that will help you track the outcomes of your social media efforts – all the way from relationship building to revenue.

3. Social media is just about conversions

On the flip side, if you measure the success of social media only in the number of conversions generated by each post, you will be sadly disappointed. You will also be missing out on a crucial marketing opportunity.

Social media is an opportunity to get your brand in front of a massive yet targeted audience. On any given day, your social channels may be the first touch point for someone just getting acquainted with your brand, or the last touch point before someone converts. The “new” person may go on to become an important customer or client – perhaps he will convert through social media, or maybe through another channel. The point is, social media will be responsible for several sales and leads that you may never even know about.

It’s important that you have a social media strategy set up to accommodate people in all stages of the sales cycle – those who are just getting to know your brand to those who just need that one last push to convert to customers or clients.

4. Social media has no measurable ROI

This is false on so many levels. First of all, you can track when someone converts through social media using Google Analytics. That means, if someone clicks on a link to your website from social media, you can tell if they took an action, like requested more information, signed up for email or made a purchase. This article will give you more information about how to get started with Google Analytics.

That’s the short answer – the long answer is that ROI isn’t just measured in conversions. Network growth, engagement and even impressions should be considered when evaluating the efficacy of using social media in your marketing efforts. That’s not to say that getting a bunch of retweets should be your end goal – it isn’t. But it’s still a measurable metric that will help you get your brand where it needs to be to start seeing real revenue coming from these channels.

Check out our 2015 guide to social media ROI, complete with a free tracking template download.

5. Facebook is dying

So. Here’s the hard truth. According to the latest from Pew Research, Facebook’s growth has become relatively stagnant. The site is also losing enthusiasm from today’s adolescents.

But, I, as well as others, will argue that’s completely irrelevant. Facebook is still the world’s largest social network. The latest data shows that Facebook has nearly 1.4 billion monthly active users. That means 20% of the world is on Facebook.

Reports released just days ago show that Facebook topped Wall Street’s revenue target in the fourth quarter, growing by 49% and reaching $3.85 billion.

So yeah. Facebook’s not going anywhere.

Which social media myths have you let go of in the new year? Tell us in the comments below!

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