How to get a month’s worth of social media posts out of a single piece of content

Say your blog post or article is just 500 words. Twitter is 140 characters. If you tweeted the entire article, 140 characters at a time, that would probably take you close to 25 tweets to pull it off. I’m not saying you should do that, of course, but that simple calculation goes to show how many bite-sized components go into a single piece of long-form content.

The possibilities grow exponentially when you throw in a whitepaper or ebook.

When you send out that first tweet or post promoting a new piece of content, the focus of the post will probably be very close to the title or headline of your piece. But while every piece of content has a focus that is encompassed in its title, really strong content is comprised of multiple points and arguments that support the overarching theme throughout.

Below we share 6 tips (and 23 free tools) to slice and dice your content so it doesn’t die after a single social post.

Bring in the data

People love data. And they love data visualizations even more. Even if you don’t reference any numbers or statistics in your content, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to support it in your social media posts. Remember – your social posts don’t need to, and often shouldn’t, regurgitate the content they’re linking to. They should offer new information to introduce and supplement the content you’re presenting.

This can be as simple as finding a related statistic and using it in your social media post, or as elaborate as designing an infographic to support your content. Or, it can be somewhere in between. Free tools like Piktochart,, and Canva are great for designing anything from a quick visualization of a single piece of data all the way to a full-blown infographic.

Social Media Posts - Data Visualizations

This blog post by Hubspot shares 14 tools and resources for market research and fact finding. These are great tools to find statistics and data to plug into the visualization tools above. Some of my favorites are:

Visualize concepts too

Numbers aren’t the only way to graphically represent your content. Use free image creation tools like Canva and Picmonkey to outline key points in your content.

Social Media Posts - Content Visualizations

Actually, any images will work

When you’re scrolling through your news feed on any social channel, what are you drawn to first- graphics or text? The former is the obvious answer, hands down, every time. Look how much more space images take up in the news feed compared to plain text.

Twitter Reach NewsfeedThis post has a comprehensive list of 33 free social media design tools, including links to royalty-free stock image sites, you can use to refresh content with new graphics.

But quote images are pretty awesome

Remember how we talked about slicing and dicing your content at the beginning of this post? A fantastic and easy option is photo quotes. It requires almost 0 effort on your part – since your content is already written. It’s just a matter of pulling standalone quotes and finding associated images.

Social Media Posts - Quote Images

There are several free tools dedicated to image quotes that streamline the creation process including:

User Generated Content

In other words, get your audience to do the work for you. This is a win-win. Audiences love user generated content (UGC) campaigns because they give them an opportunity to be showcased by a brand they love. And, of course they’re great for brands because they establish rapport with their consumer base while also taking the content creation off their plates.

Take this blog post, for example. I may ask my audience to share their tips for getting content noticed, or creating campaigns out of their top content. In between asks and sharing submitted content, I’d continue to promote this blog, which now has new momentum behind it.

Storify is a great tool to aggregate UGC responses in a dynamic landing page. You can edit the page in any way that you want, and include your own images, videos and text.

Share related content from influencers in your network

Tap into other thought leadership in your network and create a posting theme around the topic your content covers. Use content curation and list building tools to aggregate the top content with similar focuses. Don’t forget to include your own!

When you have a great piece of content you’re proud of, what do you do to get the most mileage out of it? Tell us in the comments below!

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