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For many brands, monitoring only mentions of your Twitter handle isn’t sufficient. There are a number ways people can talk about you using different keywords, phrases and hashtags.

I’ve found social search engine Topsy to be the most powerful and comprehensive when it comes to returning results on a number of different keywords.

Topsy processes boolean search logic, so to solve the multiple brand term problem, simply use OR between each term.

But it gets more complicated when you want to track search terms around a topic or campaign within your brand terms. For example, say your brand terms are “Apple,” “Orange,” “Berry,” and “Banana.” And, you’re running a campaign about a new cookbook, and your key campaign terms are “Delicious,” “Recipe,” and “Bake.”

You want to know any time any of your brand keywords appeared with any of these search terms. So, you need all results containing all combinations of any brand term and any search term, such as:

  • Apple and Delicious
  • Apple and Recipe
  • Apple and Bake
  • Orange and Delicious
  • Orange and Recipe
  • Orange and Bake
  • And so on

But developing these long query strings can be quite daunting. That’s where the Social Search Query Generator can help you. The generator accommodates 5 brand terms and 5 search terms, and will instantaneously spit out a search query string combining every combination for you to copy and paste into Topsy. Click here to download the Social Search Query Generator, or click on the screenshot below.

Social Search Query Generator Screenshot

Here are some tips for you to get the most out of the Social Search Query Generator:

  • Brand and Search Terms recognize @handles, hashtags and quotation marks (to indicate a phrase)
  • If you have less than 5 brand terms or 5 search terms, simply re-enter one of your other terms in the empty slots. This will generate the same results (without duplicating) and won’t break the formula.
  • Don’t delete any rows or columns – this could cause the formula to break.
  • As of right now, these queries will only work in Topsy. Unfortunately other tools like Twitter’s proprietary search engine, Hootsuite and Tweetdeck won’t be able to process a social search query this advanced.
  • The Social Search Query Generator will also generate 5 individual queries for each Brand Term, combining each individual the Brand Term with each Search Term. If you’d rather have individual queries for each Search Term combined with all of the Brand Terms, simply re-enter Search Terms in the Brand Terms column and vice versa.

Tell us how you plan on using the Social Search Query Generator in the comments below!

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