Never miss a piece of trending content with Tweetdeck

It’s no secret there’s a lot of noise on social media. Often that’s the biggest challenge associated with social listening – you just lose way too much time filtering through all of the crap.

I’ve found Tweetdeck to be an effective solution. It’s comprehensive, and it’s free! Even their basic streaming abilities will give you a huge leg up in identifying trending content, but apply these few little-known tips and tricks and you’ll hack your way into expert status on any current event.

Search for keywords and hashtags with a certain number of engagements

By activating the engagement tab in any keyword or hashtag search, you can actually live stream feeds of hashtags and keywords that have received a minimum number of retweets, replies or favorites that you determine.

Trending Content by Engagements

What this method essentially guarantees is that you’ll only see content that is trending, or at least taking off, under your keyword or hashtag. This allows you to get a true feel for the pulse of an issue or topic in a purified environment, determined entirely by social influencers (who you’ll easily identify as well).

Search for keywords and hashtags within Twitter lists

The content that’s likely to be the most relevant to you are tweets that contain specific keywords and hashtags AND that come from specific people. You can actually use Tweetdeck to search for hashtags and keywords within a Twitter list. Simply add a “Lists” column and add your keyword or hashtag under “Content.”

Trending Content by Twitter list

The key here is building out your Twitter lists strategically. Think about the core competencies and areas covered by your business and social strategy, and start segmenting from there.

Or, you can work backwards, by starting with the keywords and hashtags and building your lists around that. Learn how to do that here.

You can also use this as an engagement strategy. Build lists around influencers, prospects and people you want to reach out to, or just groups of people you want to have in your network. Then, figure out which keywords and hashtags they might be using that your brand can use to spark a conversation. More on that here.

Copy and paste native Twitter Advanced Search strings for tweets from a specific location

Tweetdeck’s search function recognizes the boolean logic used natively on Twitter’s Advanced Search function – which lets you search by location. Simply go into Twitter’s Advanced Search and fill in the fields you want, including location (it may look like location is automatically pre-populated, but if you click on the icon you can actually search for any location).

Twitter_Advanced_Search_social media location

Hit “Search” and then copy the string that shows up in the search bar and paste into Tweetdeck’s search feed.

Trending Content Location Search

You can also manually adjust the radius if you want to – Twitter will default to 15 miles.

Trending Content Location Based in Tweetdeck

Now that you have location-based search activated in Tweetdeck, you can implement any of the other tactics for additional filtering that are mentioned in this post.

Track trending content from a Twitter list or by engagement

You know how Twitter offers tailored trends that are specific to your account? Well Tweetdeck pulls in that information as well, and lets you do some fun things with it.

When you add the “Trending” column on Tweetdeck, you can get a list of trending topics either by account or by location.

Trending Content Viral

When you find a trending topic you want to track and generate the feed, you can then filter the feed to only see tweets about that topic from a certain Twitter list, or with a certain number of engagements (or both!), using the same methods outlined above.

Filter for content or media type

Beyond location, user and keywords, you can also filter your feed by type of content. You can choose to just see videos, images, any media or any link (which will cover all of the above). This is a great feature for when you’re curating content – you’ll want to filter out any tweets without links.

Trending Content by Tweet Type

Set alerts for any Tweetdeck feed

You can turn on alerts for any Tweetdeck feed you create, so a notification will appear in the corner of your computer any time a new tweet matching your criteria appears. This way you can be sure you’ll never miss a piece of trending content again!

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