Twitter calculator: Will it fit?

I made this calculator for a workshop I’ll be hosting for CARE colleagues in Africa next week. Their internet connection is often spotty, so when planning their tweets, I figured it would be useful to have an offline tool to make sure their text will fit.

This Twitter calculator shows you how many characters you’ve used and how many you have left based on whether it’s a text only tweet, or if it will incorporate a photo or link. Even if you do have reliable internet, the Twitter calculator is a great resource for planning content. Just copy and paste to create more rows and save tweets for later use.

Click here or on the image below to download your Twitter Calculator.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 1.54.14 PMDoesn’t fit? Use the following tips to cut down your tweet:

Get rid of “that.” Most of the time the word is superflous
Replace “with” with “w/”
Replace “and” with “&”
Replace “because” with “b/c”
Use hashtags within your tweet text rather than adding to the end
Use strong nouns and verbs instead of adjectives and adverbs
Relay one and only one message in your tweet
Use dashes and colons instead of new sentences

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