6 Twitter lists you need to build a killer content marketing strategy

Twitter Lists
Use Hootsuite to stream the 6 Twitter lists below from your dashboard.

Perhaps one of the most under-utilized features in social media and content marketing, Twitter lists can provide the solutions you need to be a more productive social media marketer and content aggregator. Build and maintain the six Twitter lists below to jump-start your Twitter marketing workflow.

1. Outreach (private list)

This is a list of people you hope to form relationships with. Either they’re influential on social media, they’re potential clients or customers or you foresee some other value in connecting on a more personal level. Study this list for opportunities to earn their attention. Retweet their blog posts, reply to their tweets when you have something to add to the conversation and, when appropriate, ask questions and tweet directly to them. Keep this list private so people don’t feel like targets.

2. Local

This is a list of local industry leaders and social media gurus. Regardless of whether or not the majority of your customers or clients are local, it’s still crucial to network in your local business community. We live in a digital era, but that doesn’t diminish the power of face-to-face relationship building. Use this list to find out about local conferences and networking events, take note of locally relevant topics and hashtags and look for opportunities to converse with people you could potentially connect with offline.

3. Competitors (either make this list private, or call it “Peers”)

This one’s pretty self explanatory. What better way to track what your competition’s doing on social media than to aggregate them all in one place? Use this list as competitive research to glean new opportunities to enhance your social strategies. Also, if your competitors are finding and aggregating great content, take advantage of their efforts and re-share in your own voice.

4. Industry Leaders

Depending on your brand, this could be synonymous with competitors, or it could mean people and organizations you admire in your field. Either way, the leaders in your industry are the ones to aspire to. They are perhaps the most important people to watch and study on social media. What’s their strategy? What are they sharing? How are they interacting with others? If they’re at the top of their field, they’re going to make sure both the content they create and the content they share is top-notch.

5. Something that interests you

This one is really only relevant if you’re using Twitter as an individual, even if it’s with a professional emphasis. In terms of personal brands, Twitter is like a hybrid between LinkedIn and Facebook. The best tweeters are those who blend their professional selves with their personal selves. Let your personality shine through by sharing things that interest your outside of work.

For example, I’m an avid reader and movie-watcher and I keep a Twitter list on books and media. When I find something that excites me, I share it with my audience. They appreciate the opportunity to get to know me as a person as well as a professional.

6. Interactors and Influencers

Finally, keep track of your own followers. Who’s interacting with you by replying, favoriting and retweeting your tweets? Save them all to a public Twitter list with a flattering name like “Twitter BFF’s” (or something less corny, if you’re so inclined). Not only will the act of adding them to a list publicly prove your appreciation, it will help you keep track of their activity so you can begin to build deeper relationships. Watch this list for opportunities to retweet, respond and engage in meaningful conversations.

How do you use Twitter lists in your social media marketing strategy? Tell us in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “6 Twitter lists you need to build a killer content marketing strategy

  1. This is such a great post! I’ll be working all night to squeeze my tweeps (I don’t like that word) into their boxes, but it looks very promising! Thank you and happy birthday again!

  2. Thanks so much, Bas! I’m so glad you found it helpful. Hope you enjoy a nice glass of wine while you squeeze your Tweople (better? no, not really) into boxes 🙂

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